How Do You Teach Diversity In A Fun Way?

How Do You Teach Diversity In A Fun Way?

How Do You Teach Diversity In A Fun Way?

Ways to Celebrate Cultural Diversity


Cultural Dress Show and Tell. Have your students find pictures of different items of clothing that people wear in different cultures and groups. …


Host a Multicultural Day. …


Have a World Music Dance Party. …


Create a Classroom Collage. …


Make Global Friends.

What are some fun virtual diversity and inclusion activities for work?

You found our list of fun virtual diversity and inclusion activities for work. Virtual diversity and inclusion activities are ways to acknowledge differences between remote coworkers and build safe, welcoming virtual offices. For example, online employee resource groups, remote holiday celebrations, and Zoom lunch and learns.

What activities promote diversity?

15 Team-Building Activities to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Draw a Diversity Flower.

Host a Happy Hour.

Plan a Heritage Potluck.

Make Sushi Together.

Start a Book Club.

Try the Privilege Walk.

Establish a Gender-Neutral Jar.

Volunteer in the Community.

More items…

How can I teach students about diversity in the classroom?

As a twist, have students imagine themselves living in a country the class has studied and some of the daily differences and challenges they might encounter. Diversity Through Movement – Explore how people move in different parts of the world such as types of dance, exercise and sports.

What are some activities to promote diversity?

Diversity Activities for Youth and Adults. Awareness Activities. COR 101 Multi-culturalism Stereotype Exercise. Privilege Walk. Economic and Social Justice: A Human Rights Perspective. The Choice. Crossing the Line. Culture Bingo – With Answers.

What types of activities can develop an appreciation for diverse cultures?

The following activities will help children respectfully interact and engage with people from diverse cultures!

Listen to songs in different languages. …

Play a board game. …

Eat at a local ethnic restaurant. …

Check out …

Listen to music. …

Cook up a storm. …

Read a book! …

Make a homemade passport.

More items…

How can college students promote diversity?

How to Promote Cultural Diversity and Awareness On Campus


Setting the tone. …


Degrees of education. …


Make diversity awareness activities a party. …


Diversity Awareness Training & Teachable moments. …


Promote diversity awareness with artistic exposure.

What is the diversity in college program?

These activities are designed for college students to complete in a variety of settings. Unlike other educational settings, college students are more mature, ready to take risks and fully vested in their own education. This makes the perfect setting to have real conversations about what diversity is and how it influences the world and workplace.

What can kids learn from diverse kids?

Kids can learn a lot about appreciating the differences that make us all unique. You can create opportunities in the classroom to emphasize and celebrate diversity, offering a safe space where all students can express themselves.

How to promote diversity and inclusion at workplace?

Then, surprise workers with goodies from the company, whether meal coupons, snacks, clothing, or work equipment. Diversity and inclusion activities promote a sense of belonging and acceptance among your workforce. Hence, the activities will increase workers’ engagement and efficiency.

What activities can assist workers to value diversity in the workplace?

Ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

Be aware of unconscious bias.

Communicate the importance of managing bias.

Promote pay equity.

Develop a strategic training program.

Acknowledge holidays of all cultures.

Make it easy for your people to participate in employee resource groups.

Mix up your teams.

More items…

What are inclusion activities?

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Activities (or DEI activities for short) are exercises you can do with your team to promote a workplace culture that values every employee’s unique individuality while also creating a sense of acceptance and belonging.
Mar 31, 2022

How do you celebrate diversity at work?

10 Ways to Celebrate Diversity Month at Your Workplace


Host lunch and learns. …


Start a diversity book club. …


Plan a potluck happy hour. …


Create a culture and diversity channel on Slack. …


Visit a cultural art exhibit. …


Host an international movie night. …


Learn a dance. …


Sign up for a DEI course.

More items…

How to play diversity games in the workplace?

For this fun diversity game in the workplace, take the following steps: Split participants into groups of four to ten. Give them art supplies, including a large piece of paper and markers. Ask them to draw a large flower with a circular center and petals.

What are some good diversity activities for adults?

Some good diversity activities for adults include the diversity flower, potluck lunch, and disability awareness training. How do you lead inclusion activities at work? Leading inclusion activities at work can be difficult. Here are tips that will help you navigate inclusion activities for your workforce:

What are the Best Diversity team building activities for your team?

Potluck lunch is among the best diversity team building activities for your team. For this activity, let teams bring in dishes inspired by their heritage and culture. To ensure you have various food items, you can ask some participants to bring in starters while others bring main meals, desserts, drinks, and snacks.

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