Why Choose Pmc Fact Range?

Why Choose Pmc Fact Range?

Why Choose Pmc Fact Range?

For many years, PMC’s fact range has been the choice of discerning audiophiles worldwide. But true innovators are never satisfied. Our designers are continuously researching new materials and techniques to bring you a greater musical experience.

Where can I buy PMC fact 8 signature speakers?

The PMC Fact 8 Signature Speakers are available for demonstration in our Hull store. New crossovers, mounted on military-grade circuit boards, are populated with the same handselected components employed in the fenestria, with the positioning of each component carefully calculated to minimise unwanted interference.

What makes the fact 8 signature so special?

The fact.8 signature builds on the balanced, engaging sound and life-like imaging of the original fact speakers. It takes to the next level the fact speakers’ ready ability to accurately reproduce all genres of music via its twin PMC bass drivers, ATL™ and soft-dome treble, a collaboration with precision Norwegian acoustic specialists SEAS.

What is PMC ATL ™ technology?

With the phenomenal benefits of PMC’s ATL ™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology, the fact.8 floor-standing model produces the commanding power and scale that is capable of filling both medium and larger rooms with awe-inspiring dynamic sound.

Are PMC speakers any good?

The PMC fact.8 is unquestionably a well-made loudspeaker, and I’m confident the designers have achieved what they were aiming for. I’ve heard similar sound from other wellknown speakers that are prized for their clarity and detail. Listeners seeking those qualities will find the fact.8 satisfying.

What are the features of the PMC fact range?

In this speaker, PMC includes some new features that are unique to the Fact range. The tweeter is a ring-radiator design with a distinctive dome in two sections. The center of the tweeter is a 19mm (0.75”) dome, encircled by a 34mm (1.3”) outer ring.

How much does a fact 8 signature cost?

The fact.8 signature ($12,000/pair, footnote 3) is all that. According to PMC, the fact.8 signature and its larger three-way sibling, the fact.12 signature, are based on "trickle down technology applied from the fact fenestria," the top model in PMC’s fact line.

Is the PMC fact 8 the first of its kind?

Hence the Fact.8, the first model in what will become a new range aimed at delivering all the company’s established acoustic virtues plus a healthy dose of style. Not that PMC has entirely abandoned its old philosophy. Yes, the Fact.8s are slim, at just 15cm across, and they’re more luxuriously finished than other PMCs.

Is the PMC fact 8 signature worth $65k?

The Fact.8 Signature is descended from the reach-for-the-stars Fact Fenestria ($65,000/pair), which our own Aaron Garrecht reviewed in November 2019. PMC claims that many of the lessons they learned in reducing resonances and building crossovers for the Fenestria have been trickled down to the Fact.8 Signature.

What is the difference between PMC fact 12 and fact 8?

This new Fact 8 retains its 2 way design and similarly so does the Fact 12 with its 3 way drivers. Nothing’s changed in the classic transmission line that PMC use in all their models : internally braced partitions that tunnel the bass air within the speaker, emanating from an ‘Advanced Trasmission Line’ or ATL port, PMC call it.

Do you prefer the PMC twenty5 or the new PMC fact?

Some customers were preferring the twenty5 range even with ‘Fact’ being the premium offering, so this is welcome news. So to the new PMC Fact 8 and Fact 12 signature models…

Is PMC a good brand?

As befits its name, most of PMC’s products are made for the studio and pro-audio markets, and their large, matte-black boxes seem strong and serious (footnote 2), especially when stacked with matching subwoofers. PMC’s consumer products are a stark visual contrast with their professional ones, their lines svelte, sleek, and elegant.

What makes the PMC fact 12 signature speakers so special?

As is befitting of such high-performance loudspeakers, the fact.12 signature models are supplied in two stunning new finishes: White Silk and Metallic Graphite, to enhance any environment and make a signature statement. As you would expect from Fanthorpes hifi, we offer a generous part exchange against the PMC Fact 8 Signature Speakers.

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