Will Sea Limited’s (Se) Ceasing Of Sales Guidance Weigh On Stock?

Will Sea Limited’s (Se) Ceasing Of Sales Guidance Weigh On Stock?

Will Sea Limited’s (Se) Ceasing Of Sales Guidance Weigh On Stock?

With profitability still years away, Sea Limited’s ceasing of sales counsel will weigh on the stock. Sea Limited’s (SE) second-quarter 2022 consequences benefit from a solid uptick in e-commerce as well as electronic economic services businesses.
With profitability still years away, Sea Limited’s ceasing of sales guidance will weigh on the stock. Sea Limited’s (SE) second-quarter 2022 results benefit from a solid uptick in e-commerce as well as digital financial services businesses.

Is sea limited (se) stock a buy or sell?

According to 37 analysts, the common rating for SE stock is "Buy." The 12-month stock price forecast is 131.13, that is a rise of 105.47% from the most recent price. Sea Limited has lost steam following the pandemic. Investors want to see better performance where it really counts. Will This High-Growth Stock Ever Become Profitable?

Is Sea a listed company?

Instead of directory on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in its place of origin of Singapore, the company chose to be floated on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017.

Will SE stock go up?

Sea Ltd (NYSE:SE)
The 31 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Sea Ltd have an average target of 110.00, with a high estimate of 170.00 and a low estimate of 60.00. The median estimate represents a +76.45% augment from the last price of 62.34.

What is the 12-month stock price forecast for sea limited stock?

According to 38 stock analysts, the average 12-month stock price forecast for Sea Limited stock is $ 172.19 , which predicts an increase of 125.62%. The lowest target is $ 86.86 and the highest is $ 420. On average, analysts rate Sea Limited stock as a buy. The common analyst rating for Sea Limited stock from 38 stock analysts is "Buy".

What is sea’s (SE) stock price forecast for 1 year?

According to 12 Wall Street analyst s that experience issued a 1 year SE price target, the average SE price target is $190.92, with the maximum SE stock price forecast at $385.00 and the bottom SE stock price forecast at $95.00. On common, Wall Street analysts expect that Sea ‘s share price could reach $190.92 by Aug 18, 2023.

Why is sea limited’S (SE) stock on a sharp downtrend?

The price of Sea Limited (SE) stock has been on a sharp downtrend since October last year as the aggregate of a fading pandemic tailwind and expected adjustments in the macroeconomic landscape have weighed on the valuation of most tech stocks.

What is the target price for Sea Limited shares in 2025?

The weighted common target price per Sea Limited share in Jan 2025 is: 96.31. In Jan, the helpful dynamics for Momo shares will prevail with possible monthly volatility of 6.251% volatility is expected. Target values for the cost of one Sea Limited share for Feb 2025. The weighted average target price per Sea Limited share in Feb 2025 is: 91.78.

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