Where Do I Find The Part Number For A Fuel Pump?

Where Do I Find The Part Number For A Fuel Pump?

Where Do I Find The Part Number For A Fuel Pump?

Where is pump number 574A? 574A is not a part number. 574A is the UL Listing number, so it appears on all Facet fuel pumps. The Facet part number is a 5- to 7-digit stamped on the mounting flange (usually 2 or 3 digits on either side of the mounting bolt hole). We can usually cross-reference your part number to a pump we have in stock.

What is the GPH of the facet 40007?

The Facet 40007 Cylindrical 12v fuel pump delivers up to 32 GPH or 5.5 psi max pressure. No anti-siphon valve. 1/4 NPT female ports.

Why choose facet® and Purolator® fuel pumps?

From the beginning, Facet® and Purolator® brand fuel pumps have been known for high quality and dependability. These high standards continue to inspire our company’s vision today, making us a global leader in the electronic fuel pump industry.

What is the capacity of fuel pump?

Making the Choice

Fuel Pump Free Flow
Carbureted Engine
Fuel Injected w/ Power Adder
30 gph/114 lph
350 hp
250 hp
40 gph/155 lph
450 hp
300 hp
50 gph/190 lph
600 hp
400 hp
67 gph/255 lph
750 hp
500 hp

How do I know what size fuel pump to get?

A good estimator of volume to power is approximately 10 hp per gallon or 2.64 hp per liter. For example if your pump flows at 50 gph it should be able to support a 500 hp engine (50 x 10 = 500). However, to actually know the gph you must also consider the fuel pressure required for your engine.

What size power source do I need for a facet® fuel pump?

All Facet® low pressure fuel pumps 12v or 24v require an 5 Amps source to perform correctly. The DC average is 1.4 amps. What size fuse should I use to install the Facet® fuel pump? We recommend you install a 3AMP fuse to every installation. Yes, All our low pressure fuel pumps can pump Gas or Diesel fuels.

Why choose facet® cube® fuel pumps?

All models of the Facet® CUBE® Fuel Pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, blended alcohol fuels and fuel additives. Proven on thousands of original equipment applications. No electrical contacts. No bearings or diaphragms to wear out or fatigue. Lasts four to five times longer than many other electric fuel pumps.

What is a facet joint injection?

A facet joint injection is a procedure where pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications are injected into your facet joints to reduce pain. Your facet joints are a pair of small joints located at the back of your spine between each of your vertebrae.

What is the purpose of facet injections?

Facet joint injections usually have two goals: to help diagnose the cause and location of pain and also to provide pain relief: Diagnostic goals: By placing numbing medicine into the facet joint, the amount of immediate pain relief experienced by the patient will help determine if the facet joint is a source of pain.

How painful are facet joint injections?

During the injection of local anesthesia, you may feel a pinch and some slight burning as it takes effect. However, it should not cause intense pain. The facet joint injection itself should not cause any pain since the area will be numbed. You’ll likely feel some pressure around the injection site.
May 19, 2022

How do you code a facet joint block?

Standard documentation lists the facet joint to be blocked with hyphens. Coding: Each facet joint = one level code. Another common way to document facet injections is to document the individual nerves blocked separated by commas. When coding from nerves blocked, use the formula: Nerves minus one nerve = levels billed.

How do you bill facet injections?

Report 64490-64495 once per level, per side, regardless of the number of needle placements that are required. For instance, for injections performed on both sides of one vertebral level, report the base injection code (64490 or 64493) with modifier 50 Bilateral procedure.
Feb 25, 2021

What is the CPT code 64633?

CPT® Code 64633 – Destruction by Neurolytic Agent (eg, Chemical, Thermal, Electrical or Radiofrequency) Procedures on the Somatic Nerves – Codify by AAPC.

What is a facet joint injection?

What is a facet joint injection? A facet joint injection is a diagnostic procedure used to determine if the patient’s spine pain is related to arthropathy of the facet joints. During a facet joint block, an anesthetic is injected into the facet joints where the associated spinal nerves travel to see if it will stop or ‘block’ the pain.

What is procedure code 64493?

CPT code 64493 is defined as an “Injection(s), diagnostic or therapeutic agent paravertebral facet (zygapophyseal) joint (or nerves innervating that joint) with image guidance (fluoroscopy or CT), lumbar or sacral; single level.” CPT code 64494 is the “second level (list separately in addition to code for primary …

What is the CPT code 64490?

The CPT codes 64490 and 64493 are intended to be used to report all of the nerves that innervate the first level paravertebral facet joint and not each nerve.

What is the CPT code for Xray of cervical facet?

The six codes are: 64490 Injection(s), diagnostic or therapeutic agent, paravertebral facet (zygapophyseal) joint (or nerves innervating that joint) with image guidance (fluoroscopy or CT), cervical or thoracic, single level +64491 Second level (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

What is the CPT code for lumbar facet injections?

CPT Code Selection. Lumbar/Sacral Facet Joints: 64493 First facet joint level 64494 Second facet joint level 64495 Third and all remaining facet joint levels (only bill once for all remaining levels 3+) The T12-L1 facet joint is considered part of the lumbar/sacral region when coding facet joint injections.

What is cervical facet joint injection?

Cervical Facet Joint Injection Information. A facet joint injection serves several purposes. First, by placing numbing medicine into the joint, the amount of immediate pain relief you experience will help confirm or deny the joint as a source of your pain. That is, if you obtain complete relief of your main pain while the facet joints are numb,…

Can a facet injection cause pain in the neck?

If the joints become painful due to arthritis, injury, or mechanical stress, they can cause pain in various areas. The cervical facet joints can cause pain in your head, neck, shoulder or arm. A facet joint injection serves several purposes.