What Is The Best Topic For Conversation?

What Is The Best Topic For Conversation?

What Is The Best Topic For Conversation?

Conversation Starters For Any Situation

Tell me about yourself.

Have you done anything exciting lately?

What made you smile today?

How did you meet the host?

What’s your favorite form of social media?

What was the last good book you read?

Do you listen to any podcasts?

More items…

What is a fun conversation?

Funny Conversation Starters
If you were in a circus, which character would you be? What is the worst advice you have given? What is one thing you should never say at a wedding? What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard? If you could only store one type of food in your pocket, what would you carry?
Feb 25, 2021

How many fun questions to ask?

Keep this list of 90 Fun Questions to Ask handy and you’ll have the ultimate resource to make a great first impression, be it with new friends or new romances. Previous 65 Interesting Questions – The Best Ones To Get To Know Them Deeper.

What are some fun random questions?

And now…for the most random questions ever!

If You Had Three Wishes, What Would You Wish For?

What Would You Rather Throw Away: Love Or Money?

What’s The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Seen?

What Was Your Fondest Memory Of High School?

What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator?

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What are some good discussion questions?

Use these tips to keep the conversation flowing.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud? …

What was your first car? …

What person in your life brings you the most joy? …

Do you have any tattoos? …

Do you have any pets? …

What were you obsessed with when you were a child? …

What’s your most controversial opinion?

More items…

Why are these fun questions to ask so important?

No matter the occasion, these fun questions to ask can help you connect better with your friends and other people you meet. You could even use one in a social media post to engage with your followers. You might learn something new about someone simply by asking one of these questions. Feel free to check out the full list of fun questions below!

What is Disney’s funniest movie?

When it comes to Disney’s funniest movie, there is no question that The Emperor’s New Groove is one of the best picks of the bunch. This film is filled with hilarious one-liners from start to finish and it never lets up on delivering a great range of humor.

What is the #1 rated Disney movie?

1. The Lion King: 8.5. The animal kingdom centered coming-of-age story has over 728,000 votes, more than any other Disney movie. It also has the highest rating, making it the clear, top-ranked Disney movie.

What are the best movies to watch with your friends?

Top-notch special effects and nail-biting suspense makes Jurassic Park a great movie for you and your friends to watch together (best time to watch is at night). 11. Deadpool (2016) Error: please try again. A wisecracking mercenary gets experimented on and becomes immortal but ugly, and sets out to track down the man who ruined his looks.

What is the best Disney movie to watch?

100 Best Disney Movies Ever. 1 1. Tangled (2010) PG | 100 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. 2 2. The Princess and the Frog (2009) 3 3. Beauty and the Beast (1991) 4 4. Monsters, Inc. (2001) 5 5. Aladdin (1992) More items

What are the best movies to watch at a party?

Best movies to watch at a party/with a group of friends. 1 1. Pacific Rim (2013) PG-13 | 131 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. 2 2. Die Hard (1988) 3 3. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) 4 4. 21 Jump Street (2012) 5 5. The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) More items

What is the most popular old Disney movie?

Ranked: Most Popular Disney Classics in the USA

Classic Disney Animated Movie
Average Monthly Search Volume
The Lion King (1994)
Aladdin (1992)
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Cinderella (1950)

Who is a best friend in a famous Disney movie?

Celebrate Your BFF with 7 Fave Disney Friendships

Tiana and Charlotte (The Princess and the Frog)

Mary and Bert (Mary Poppins)

Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear (The Muppets)

Mia and Lilly (The Princess Diaries)

Dory and Marlin (Finding Dory)

More items…

Is Encanto a Disney movie?

Walt Disney Animation Studios‘ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto.

What are five things you can do to promote diversity?

Strategies to Promote Inclusiveness


Acknowledge Differences. …


Offer Implicit Bias Training — for Everyone. …


Provide Mentors. …


Let People Learn by Doing. …


Encourage Personal Evaluation. …


Ask Questions. …


Value All Diversity.

What are the best inclusion activities for adults?

Observing the calendar around equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging is among the best inclusion activities for adults. These celebrations will require you to do ample research on the team’s holidays and special days. You do not have to give teams an off day during every holiday or observation.

What are some creative ways to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Activity Title:

Appreciate Diversity Logo Contest. …

Cross-Cultural Movie Reviews. …

Cultural Art Exhibit. …

Learn a Folk Dance. …

Multicultural Film Festival. …

Multicultural Perspectives in Entertainment. …

Music from Around the World. …

Appreciate Diversity Month Briefing.

More items…

What are inclusion activities?

Diversity and inclusion activities are ideas that you can use to promote workers’ unique individuality and create a sense of belonging for your workforce regardless of differences. Examples include diversity calendar celebration, cooking lessons, and speak your truth sessions.
Aug 27, 2022

What are the best online Diversity activities?

Quote of the Day Quote of the Day is one of the easiest online diversity activities. Each day, select a quote from a prominent figure within a certain community, and then share the sentiment with the team via Slack or internal email. Employees can learn about the figure by doing their own research, or you can provide a mini-profile for context.

What are the benefits of a diversity activity?

Diversity activities are a way to cultivate solidarity among a group of people who may not (at first) have anything in common and foster a sense of community in the workplace. This activity is a great way for team members to learn new things about their coworkers that otherwise might not come up in the course of a normal workday (or month or year).