What Happens When Upwelling Increases?

What Happens When Upwelling Increases?

What Happens When Upwelling Increases?

The deeper water that rises to the surface during upwelling is rich in nutrition. These food “fertilize” floor waters, encouraging the growth of plants, adding phytoplankton.

The deeper water that rises to the surface during upwelling is rich in nutrients. These nutrients “fertilize” surface waters, encouraging the growth of plant life, including phytoplankton.

What are the causes and effects of upwelling?

Upwelling is an oceanic process by which cold water from the deep rises toward the surface of the ocean. It is brought on by strong winds and the rotation of the Earth which moves warmer floor waters offshore enabling the cold, nutrient rich water to hurry up.

What is ocean upwelling?

What is upwelling? Home Ocean Facts What is upwelling? What is upwelling? Upwelling is a technique during which deep, cold water rises toward the surface. This photo shows how displaced floor waters are changed by cold, nutrient-rich water that “wells up” from below.

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