What Cities Does Funjet Fly Non-Stop?

What Cities Does Funjet Fly Non-Stop?

What Cities Does Funjet Fly Non-Stop?

Generally, Funjet’s non-stop value flights depart from these cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis and San Antonio. They fly to popular vacation destinations like Cancun and Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Jamaica and Punta Cana.

Why fly with Funjet?

With non-stop value flights from several origins to popular destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, you can forget about long layovers and travel snafus to focus on your dream vacation. Funjet’s non-stop flights are chartered specifically for its customers, so you know you’re getting a great deal plus Funjet’s unparalleled customer care.

Why funfunjet vacations?

Funjet Vacations is committed to helping you plan and enjoy an amazing vacation, from the moment you begin to dream and research your vacation until the time you return home from your trip with precious memories.

What is a vacation exclusive flight?

Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights are roundtrip, nonstop flights departing from major cities across the U.S. to popular vacation destinations. Seems standard enough, but they’re one of our favorite ways to save you money.
Aug 21, 2020

How to book an exclusive nonstop vacation flight origin?

Choose your origin from the Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight Origin drop-down and pick your Departure Month. 2. Click the “Search” button to view a calendar and select from destination options offered. 3. Hover over the black destination names under each departure date to see the lengths of stay that are available. Booking an Infant?

Does Funjet use Southwest Airlines?

Does Funjet Vacations offer Southwest Airlines scheduled air for domestic destinations? Yes! Funjet Vacations does offer domestic flights in vacation packages. Pricing and availability are sourced differently than international, therefore may not have the same consistency as international.

Is there a partnership with Funjet Vacations?

and Terms of Use. We have an official partnership with Funjet Vacations. They pay us a commission when you use our links to make a purchase at Funjet Vacations. Do you recommend Funjet Vacations? These coupons and coupon codes have received the highest click engagements by Funjet Vacations users.

How much do you get off when you book with Funjet?

You’ll find savings of 60–70% off when you book at certain hotels and resorts. Save even more money with a Funjet Vacations coupon that you can enter on the home page before you begin planning your trip.

How many Funjet offers are there in Jamaica?

Save with 38 Funjet Offers. Up to 52% Off Jewel Resort In Jamaica. we may earn a commission. Established in 1964, Funjet Vacations offers vacation services to customers who wish to travel to destinations worldwide.

Why book Your Vacation with a travel agent?

Take the guess-work and uncertainty out of finding your perfect trip by working with our travel experts whose sole purpose is to create incredible vacation experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Professional travel agents, most notably our 500 Club Agents, are the single best resource to book your vacation.

Do you use Funjet to book a trip?

NEVER again will we use funjet!… NEVER again will we use funjet to book a trip. The hotel we selected in Cancun looked nothing like the pictures they advertised, showing beautiful tiny cabanas at the beach whe in reality they had dirty broken lounge chairs. Everything nice we wanted, was an upgrade of more than $200.

How do I contact Funjet?

Hi there! Please send us an email to funjetsocial@funjet.com with your booking number and contact information so we can best assist you! My wife and I booked a trip to St Lucia with FunJet.

How do I contact Funjet Vacations?

For help with your current reservation, contact us Monday-Sunday from 9AM to 9PM EST. If you have a group of 10 or more guests, please contact 844-986-1097 Monday-Friday between 9AM and 7PM EST. By registering with Funjet Vacations, you will receive weekly e-mails that will keep you updated on new specials and hot deals.

Where is Funjet Vacations located?

Funjet Vacations is a division of ALG Vacations, Corp., headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Does Funjet use Southwest?

Does Funjet Vacations offer Southwest Airlines scheduled air for domestic destinations? Yes!

What is your review of Funjet?

This is clearly a situation where the systems set up assist with after travel issues are extremely poor. The customer service is severely lacking and requires drastic improvements. I would never book travel through funjet again, and could not recommend their services to any travelers. I hope this helps.

Do you have a rental car with Funjet?

No rental car. Nothing but a hotel reservation. 1 hour and 8 minutes! And I couldn’t be happier. My expierence with FunJet is at its precipice. No longer will I be robbed of my money and my time. Hallelujah…Amen! Hi there! Please send us an email with your booking number to funjetsocial@funjet.com so we can best assist!

Are Funjet and Apple Vacations the same?

Funjet is a sister company of Apple Vacation. If you go to their home page, they only offer two vacation deal options: flight/hotel and car/hotel.

How do I sign up to receive promotional e-mails from travel agents?

Please contact your travel agent directly if you wish to receive promotional e-mails from them. Enter your contact information below and click "Create Account" button to complete your sign up. All information that you enter is confidential and will not be sold or redistributed.

Who bought Funjet Vacations?

Funjet operator Mark Travel, based in Bayside, and Apple Leisure Group complete merger. Apple Leisure Group and The Mark Travel Corp., the Bayside-based operator of Funjet vacations and other travel brands, have completed their previously announced merger.