What Are The Best Music Festivals To Attend In Seattle?

What Are The Best Music Festivals To Attend In Seattle?

What Are The Best Music Festivals To Attend In Seattle?

Day In Day Out is “a highly curated mix-tape-inspired experience” for all ages, with 10 music acts plus DJs, food trucks, a beer garden, and a VIP lounge at Fisher Pavilion, 305 Harrison St. in Seattle. PrideFest Capitol Hill promises 100 local artists performing on multiple stages on Capitol Hill at Cal Anderson Park, 1635 11th Ave. in Seattle.

Is 3 days in Seattle enough?

A Seattle 3 day itinerary is the perfect amount of time to see the best of this Pacific Northwest city! Seattle is full of adventure from day trips to national parks to exploring the best coffee shops and breweries. During my trip to Seattle, I absolutely fell in love with the city.

What to do with kids in Seattle this weekend?

Things to do this weekend for kids, teens, and families in the Seattle area! The Extraordinary Creatures and How to Care for Them animal show is at 12:00 Daily, and on Saturday and Sunday there is an additional show at 3:00pm. The fun begins at 7:00pm | movies will be shown at dusk starting around 8:30/9:00pm. .

Is 4 days enough in Seattle?

Seattle is an international city with arts, food, science, and the outdoors to explore. With 3 to 4 days in the city, it’s easy to experience the best of Seattle: you focus first on the city’s core, and then venture out onto the water or to one of the city’s parks.

What’s happening during Seattle made week?

Events during Seattle Made Week include a craft market (Oct. 3), a tasting party (Oct. 6), tours, and talks about brewing & food manufacturing. October 4 – 5, 2019 (7 to 9 p.m.) Watch settlers reenact daily chores at Fort Nisqually in 1859 on a guided Candlelight Tour. Park at the zoo early for shuttle.

What can kids make with snow?

17 Fun Snow Activities You Can Do with Kids

Make snow ice cream. …

Erupt a snow volcano. …

Blow frozen bubbles. …

Catch falling snowflakes and study them. …

Measure the water content of snow. …

Create colorful ice orbs from water balloons. …

Make a Swedish snow lantern. …

Make maple syrup snow candy.

More items…

What activity we can do in snow?

Fun Winter Activities to Do Outside

Build a snowman or snow fort.

Go on a winter photo scavenger hunt.

Go winter camping as a family and learn survival skills.

Have a snowball fight.

Hold a bonfire and let your teen invite friends over.

Host a snow sculpture competition.

Ice fishing.

Ice skating.

More items…

How can adults have fun in the snow?

Read on to learn how.


Host a Snow Day Soup Swap. Watch the forecast closely to plan a snow day soup swap ahead of time. …


Make Snow Day Margaritas + Play Games. Snow Day Margaritas. …


Arm-Knit a Blanket. …


Get Your Bake On. …


Dive Into Aromatherapy. …


Make a Winter Wreath. …


Get an Early Start on V-Day Cards. …


Make It an At-Home Spa Day.

What do you do in the snow?

Some fun things to do in the snow which truthfully made me enjoy being outside. At least for January … 1. Tie-dye the snow. My kids love art just about as much as they love being outside, so this activity has been great for us! And best of all, I bet you have everything you need for this activity already! 2. Make a road and play with trucks.

How can I teach my kids to throw snowballs?

Show the kids how to make a snowball. Play a snow ball target practice game. Set up something to throw at and let the kids get some practice in throwing! Build a snow fort.

How can I make snow fun for my kids?

Play a snow ball target practice game. Set up something to throw at and let the kids get some practice in throwing! Build a snow fort. Pack the walls together to build a safe place for hiding out! We found a brick mold builder on Amazon that the boys use to play in the sandbox and for snow!

What is the most fun thing to do in snow?


Have a snowball fight.

Go sledding — try making a DIY duct tape sled first!

Go skating at an outdoor rink or on a pond.

Build a snowman.

Spray paint snow with food colouring and water — simply mix it up in a spray bottle. …

Make a snow maze.

Make snow angels.

Build a snow fort.

More items…

What food is Chattanooga famous for?

For some of Chattanooga’s most uncommon cuisine, visit Embargo 62 and enjoy luscious Cuban and Latin American classics like empanadas, fried plantains, and classic Cuban sandwiches. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, visit on a Wednesday or Friday night for zesty music and salsa dancing.

What is Chattanooga Tennessee known for?

Chattanooga, the 4th largest city in the state, is located in Southeast Tennessee near the border of Georgia at the junction of four interstate highways. The city has received national recognition for the renaissance of its beautiful downtown and redevelopment of its riverfront.

Is Chattanooga worth visiting?

Chattanooga has been named one of the top places to visit in the United States, and for a great reason. The southern city in Tennessee mixes outdoor adventure with laid-back charm, so you can enjoy a mixture of the two, and so that all of your traveling companions can find something that perfectly suits their tastes.

What are some outdoor fun things to do for kids?

And outdoor fun things to do for kids can be having a picnic, flying a kite in a field, building a mud kitchen, collecting and painting the rock, running with a dog, and more. These are the things you can do for kids in your area.

What is Hixson TN known for?

Hixson has several area attractions. The Chickamauga Dam is part of its eastern border along with several marinas along the Tennessee River. Greenway Farms is part of the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy and offers hiking, canoeing, sports, and a dog park.

What are the best things to do in Fort Worth?

From exhilarating rides over the historic Stockyards and downtown Fort Worth, to hot air balloon trips (so long as you can brave the early wakeup) and helicopter adventures, there’s something for every kind of speed and thrill appetite. Or, rather than just simply riding shotgun, why not try something new and learn how to operate the cockpit too?

What are the best things to do in Ohio?

One of the greatest attractions of this area is “Behalt” a beautiful art piece made by Heinz Gaugel. The preservation of Amish and Mennonite society is done in a great way at the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center. Coming to the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center is one of the top things to do in Ohio.

What are the best Atlanta aquariums for kids?

Sitting inside the famous Centennial Olympic Park, the massive Georgia Aquarium is an Atlanta crowd favorite for kids and adults alike. The facility houses thousands of sea creatures spread across seven fascinating exhibits, all hailing from different regions of the world.