What Are Some Good Nightbot Commands?

What Are Some Good Nightbot Commands?

What Are Some Good Nightbot Commands?

Here’s a non-inclusive list of commonly used Nightbot commands:

shoutout or ! so followed by a fellow streamer’s name. …

donate to bring up a link where you can support the streamer.

socials or ! …

quote to bring up a random quotation.

!death or something similar to count the number of times a game character has perished.

What are good commands for Twitch?

Best Nightbot commands for Twitch

commands – Allows users to see a list of channel commands. …

title – Allows users to see the current title of the stream and allows moderators to change the current title.

game – Allows users to see the current game being played on stream.

More items…

How do you set a hug command on Nightbot?

All you have to do to trigger the command is type; ! hug + Username of the person you want to hug in chat. As you can see below nightbot returns the message that you have hugged the user you specified.

How to make Chat commands in streamelement?

How to Make StreamElement Custom Commands 1 Step 1#N#Login to StreamElements.com. 2 Step 2#N#Go down the left side menu and click on ‘Chat commands.’ 3 Step 3#N#Click on Custom commands, and ‘Add New Command.’ 4 Step 4#N#You can then use one of the templates, or make a new one. If you would like to customize the message even… More …

How can I use the streamelements bot in my Channel?

Adding commands for the StreamElements Bot in your channel can improve the live streaming experience for the streamer and viewers alike. Mod Commands allow you and your moderators to perform actions more easily, whilst chat commands (both default and custom) can raise viewer engagement and contribute to a better community environment in your chat!

How to set up custom commands for your stream?

Before we take a look at some of the best custom commands to use to personalize your stream, we will show you how to set up custom commands for your stream. Step 1: Login to StreamElements.com. Step 2: Go down the left side menu and click on ‘Chat commands.’. Step 3: Click on Custom commands, and ‘Add New Command.’.

What should the “user level” be set to in streamelements?

Note how the “User level’ is set to ‘Moderator.’ I would highly recommend setting this to the moderator as you do not want any average viewer being able to shout out another streamer. Hopefully, you have been able to gain a better understanding of the best StreamElements Mod Commands, Chat Commands, and Custom Commands, and how each command works.

What are some commands for StreamElements?

A list of chat commands enabled in chat

Deny a duel request from another chatter
Duel another chatter for points
!emotes ffz/bttv/update
Active BTTV emotes in chat: Clap KKaper gachiBASS gachiGASM monkaS
Buy tickets for a giveaway.

What are some good commands for twitch?

Twitch Commands for Viewers and Streamers

/timeout [user] [seconds]
Temporarily ban someone from the chat. 10 minutes is the default, or you can specify a time.
/unban [user]
Unban someone from the chat.
Stops users from posting non-unique messages (like copy and pasted content)

How do I make custom commands in StreamElements?

Now, start creating your commands.


1 Click on ‘Chat Commands’ On the left sidebar menu, select ‘Chat Commands’. …


2 Click on ‘add new command’ …


3 Edit the new command. …


4 Set the ‘Advanced settings’ …


5 Enable the command. …


6 Set StreamElements as a moderator or editor.

How do I add emotes to StreamElements commands?

Live. Use the StreamElements menu in SE.


Click “Custom emote” on KappaGen.


Click “Add emote”


Upload an image (or choose one from your library) and type the text to match it.


Set text to trigger activation and submit.

How do you use nightbot commands on Twitch?

To only allow the streamer to use a command, notation is -ul=owner. For a complete list of user levels, consult the Nightbot documentation. As the heading above suggests, you can create Nightbot commands that target the user and the person they tag. In normal Twitch chat, you tag others using @username.

What are Chat commands on Twitch?

These are called chat commands. There are commands which everyone can use, like changing your username color or voting in a poll, and there are commands specific to moderators and broadcasters, like banning a user or rolling a commercial. Whether you’re a viewer or a streamer, we’ve rounded up a list of all the Twitch commands you need to know.

How to cheat on Twitch?

Download the Twitch Commands Cheat Sheet. Send someone a public message; it will highlight the message for the recipient. Change the color of your username. If you’re a Turbo user, you can select a hex value. Disconnects you from the channel. Randomly gift Subs (the number of your choosing) to the community.

What are some of the best add-ons for Twitch?

One popular Twitch add-on is an easy-to-use chatbot called Nightbot. There are so many commands for Nightbot that you could spend hours just trying them out! I’m a small-time Twitch affiliate and also a moderator in a popular channel.

Can we play game in CMD?

Double-click the BAT file to open your game in Command Prompt, then follow the on-screen prompts. For example, you’ll press 1 to start the game.

What can I do with CMD commands?

5 Fun Tricks You Can Do in Command Prompt

Customize Your Look. You may know this one already, as it can be a great tool to play around with for accessibility purposes. …

Watch Star Wars on Command Prompt. …

More Telnet Fun: Command Prompt Aquarium. …

Change the Window Title. …

Trace Where Your Data Goes.

How do commands work in Minecraft?

There are commands that can give a player a certain item, change the time in the world, teleport an entity, fill an area with blocks, and so on. Commands are kind of like a computer language in that they are used by players to tell the game what to do.

Do I need the Minecraft part to use command blocks?

You don’t need the " minecraft: " part, just the item name. I have recently started using command blocks with the /tp command in my survival worlds. It allows for easy access to the entire explored world. Just carry around a book with your home coordinates at all times and you can get around to anywhere.

What are the best commands to make things more fun?

How it makes things more fun: The /spreadplayers command allows you to teleport all players to random locations within a radius of your choosing. This is a very good command to keep in mind when taking part in a PvP game or something similar. 12. /fill. It’s all fun and games until you fall down that ravine with no water bucket