Is Diversity An Asset For Ocean Tomo?

Is Diversity An Asset For Ocean Tomo?

Is Diversity An Asset For Ocean Tomo?

Ocean Tomo welcomes everybody, spotting range as an asset for ourselves and our clients. The Intangible Asset Market Value (IAMV) Study from Ocean Tomo examines the components of market value, particularly the role of intangible assets across a range of global indexes.
Ocean Tomo welcomes everyone, recognizing diversity as an asset for ourselves and our clients. The Intangible Asset Market Value (IAMV) Study from Ocean Tomo examines the components of market value, specifically the role of intangible assets across a range of global indexes.

What is Ocean Tomo’s ipxi?

Ocean Tomo is the founding father of the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI). Their present Chairman and CEO is James E. Malackowski. Ocean Tomo announced the world’s first public auctions of patents, logos and copyrights. The auctions have protected business method patents and the rights to Jimi Hendrix ‘s music recordings.

Who is Ocean Tomo?

Established in 2003, Ocean Tomo, LLC provides Financial Expert, Management Consulting, and Advisory services related to highbrow assets (IP) and other intangible assets; company accounting investigations; regulatory and reporting obligations; solvency and restructuring; and contractual or contention disputes.

Why Ocean Ocean Tomo?

Ocean Tomo assists clients – organizations, law firms, governments, and institutional traders – in understanding Intellectual Capital Equity® value widely defined. Offering state of the art and proprietary amenities within each enterprise we operate.

What is the Ocean Tomo bid-ask™ market?

The Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ (OTBA) market is an open online platform to buy and sell patents and other Intellectual Property (IP). This market is a vital step forward, both as a made simple answer for patent transactions as well as a source of counsel on patent pricing.

Where can I purchase a patent?

If you’re one of the many inventors or entrepreneurs searching to buy or sell patents, here are some great places to take action:

Free Marketplaces. Patent Mall. …

Paid Marketplaces. IAM Market. …

Patent Brokerage Marketplaces. ICAP Patent Brokerage. IP Trader. …

Programs for Patent Owners. Marathon Patent Group.

What is a patent auction?

Auctioneers of patents are observed to allow joint bidding by coalitions of buyers. These auctions are prominent from basic ones by the patents being non-rivalrous, but still excludable, in consumption—it is, they are auctions of club goods. This influences the way coalitional bidding impacts public sale functionality.

What patents does Tomo offer at auction lot 159?

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask market auction lot 159 offers four domestic and overseas patents related to a door system with a dual-functioning door know-how that allows bi-directional sliding and hinging features.

What does Ocean Tomo do?

Ocean Tomo LLC provides Expert Opinion, Management Consulting, and Advisory facilities concentrated on concerns related to intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets.

What are the 10 oceans in the world?

1 Gulf of Mexico. … 2 Bering Sea. … 3 South China Sea. … 4 Caribbean Sea. … 5 Mediterranean Sea. … 6 Arctic Ocean. … 7 Southern Ocean (Antarctic Ocean) Source: On the contrary pole of the Earth lies a good larger ocean: the Southern or Antarctic Ocean. 8 Indian Ocean. … 9 Atlantic Ocean. … 10 Pacific Ocean. …

Which is the most recent ocean to be designated as Ocean?

The Southern Ocean is the newest body of water to be targeted an ocean, and never all researchers or international locations officially appreciate its status as an ocean yet. Indian Ocean Area: 26,469,500 mi2

Where is topocean based?

From our headquarters in Southern California, Topocean is dedicated to aiding you’re making doing enterprise easy. Our generation platforms are backed by Topocean’s global community – offering real time supply chain visibility and control, irrespective of where your enterprise takes you.

What is the largest ocean in the world?

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean on the earth. It’s so huge, in reality, that its mass makes up half of Earth’s water. It also is the deepest ocean on Earth, achieving astounding depths of 36,201 feet in the Mariana Trench. However, it gets little or no continental drainage as compared to other oceans.

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