How Many Sea Turtle Stock Photos Are There?

How Many Sea Turtle Stock Photos Are There?

How Many Sea Turtle Stock Photos Are There?

Browse 17,772 sea turtle stock photos and images accessible, or look for baby sea turtle or sea turtle swimming to find more great stock photos and pictures.
Browse 17,772 sea turtle stock photos and images available, or search for baby sea turtle or sea turtle swimming to find more great stock photos and pictures.

What kind of turtle has a hard shell?

Sea turtle. Has a hard shell Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. This is an image of a Hawaiian Green Sea turtle it really is at a cleansing station having the surplus algae wiped clean off by tangs and Green Sea Turtle in Maui, Hawaii. Green Sea Turtle swimming above the coral reef in Maui, Hawaii on a calm day Sea Turtle eat plastic bag ocean pollution concept.

What is the average size of a sea turtle?

A giant sea turtle, that’s basically a leatherback sea turtle, can become up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg) in weight. These giant sea turtles can even be up to 8 feet (244 cm) long when fully grown. Can I have a sea turtle as a pet?

What do sea turtles do in the ocean?

A swimming sea turtle with fish Hawksbill sea turtle dive down into the deep blue ocean. Against the sunlight Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. An endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle cruises in the nice and cozy waters of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii Sea turtle swims under water on the historical past of coral reefs.

What kind of turtles are there in the Caribbean?

Sea turtle remoted on white heritage. Green sea turtle isolated on white historical past Green sea Turtle Chelonia mydas Caribbean. Sea Cheloniidae water surface Green sea Turtle Chelonia mydas Caribbean. Sea Cheloniidae water floor Sea turtle. Peery browsing sea turtle, Maldives Sea turtle. Loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta, in Tenerife, Spain

How big do sea turtles get?

This species reaches around 60 cm (2 ft.) in length. Medium-sized sea turtles comparable to the hawksbill sea turtle are around 1 m (3 ft.) in length and weigh on average 80 kg (180 lb.). How Long Do Sea Turtles Live?

Where do sea turtles live?

Sea turtles are found in oceans all over the world, and are most ample in tropical and subtropical waters. On this page you’ll find out all about sea turtles, including: what variety of animal a sea turtle is, the different kinds of sea turtle, and when sea turtles first regarded on Earth. (Hint: they’re very, very old!)

How to draw a cute turtle?

  • Sketch a small circle
  • Make a big overlapping oval
  • Draw the shell pattern in the oval.
  • Draw eyes and a mouth in a small circle.
  • Sketch the turtle’s feet
  • Draw the water waves beside the turtle.
  • Add colors to your drawing.

How to draw a sea lion?

Step by Step Directions for How to Draw a Sea Lion

  • Draw the front part of the body.
  • Add the back end of the body as shown.
  • Draw an eye, a snout and whiskers.
  • Add a back and front flipper to the body.
  • Draw lines contained in the flippers.
  • Add scalloped ends to the flippers, erase line.
  • Draw a block of ice below, erase the gray lines.
  • Finish with a heritage and sky.
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What do sea turtles symbolize?

Sea turtles can signify sturdiness, endurance, wisdom, and endurance. Longevity: Sea turtles have enormously long lifespans, to allow them to be an proposal to you if you need toughness. Patience and Wisdom: Sea turtles have mild characters and slow events that inspire persistence as well as wisdom. Endurance: Sea turtles are probably the most longest …

How to draw a realistic sea turtle?


  • Draw an oval for the shell.
  • Add a C shape for the rim
  • Draw the long hexagons on top
  • Add the lines extending from each
  • Draw short lines around the rim.
  • Add the flipper legs.
  • Draw the top angled below.
  • Add lots of seaweed and water line.
  • Trace with marker and color.

Are sea turtles good luck?

Because of their long lifespan, sea turtles often symbolize endurance, wisdom, staying power, and good luck. Let us work in combination to be certain sea turtles proceed to have long lives without the risks of plastic pollutants. In Hawaii, sea turtles are the one indigenous reptile to the islands and constitute good luck.

What company has a turtle logo?

Turtle mascot logos
The Michelin Man is one of the classic examples of this. Your brand also can have a colorful character as a spokesperson with a turtle mascot logo.

Where can you find green sea turtles?

Big old green sea turtle peacefully swimming and diving near the island coral reef. In the warm exotic tropical ocean waters of Maldives Sea turtle underwater on blue water background. Plastic in Sea Water, turtle eating bag thinking it is a jellyfish, environmental pollution difficulty Green Sea Turtle, Galapagos.

How many turtle logo stock photos and videos are available?

15,929 turtle logo stock photos, vectors, and illustrations can be found royalty-free. See turtle logo stock videos

How do sea turtles protect themselves from predators?

As they get older, their hard-shell adds them a shield from predator attacks, making them harder to get eaten. Sharks and killer whales are the major predator of adult sea turtles. Shark avoidance by sea turtles is hard to study in the wild, and most of what we all know is without delay observing how sea turtles behave around these predators.

What are the threats to sea turtles?

Another major threat to sea turtles is the black-market trade in eggs and meat. This is a difficulty throughout the area, but especially a priority in China, the Philippines, India, Indonesia and the coastal countries of Latin America. Estimates reach as high as 35,000 sea turtles killed a year in Mexico and a similar number in Nicaragua.

What are the Predators of baby turtles?

Crocodiles and Alligators have very powerful bites which are in a position to crack the shells of most turtles that live in their area. Crows and ravens are probably the most biggest predators of baby turtles and egg turtles.

What kind of predators eat turtles?

Birds, sharks, snakes, dogs, raccoons, snapping turtles, and killer whales eat turtles. Typically, larger turtles have a better chance of surviving in the wild than baby turtles.
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What eats sea turtles?

Other birds like the sea gull simply open their mouth in an try and catch hatchlings either on the shore or in the wide sea. Birds like ravens and herons also like to eat turtles from swaps and lakes from all parts of the world. This makes the birds some of the largest predators of turtles. 2. Crabs