How Do You Play Penny Chinny?

How Do You Play Penny Chinny?

How Do You Play Penny Chinny?



Start by giving out all players a penny to balance on their chin, once all players have confirmed that they are ready the game begins.


Players have to knock the penny off of other players’ chins while still keeping theirs balanced.


If a penny falls off a player’s chin, that player is out of the game.

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How do you make a youth meeting interesting?

Fun Youth Group Activities and Games


Bubble Gum Blow-Out. This is a relay game using bubble gum and a piece of paper affixed at an easily reachable height on the wall for all players for each team. …


Baby New Year. …


Board Games. …


Progressive Dinner. …


A to Z. …


Scavenger Hunt. …


Chapter and Verse. …


Bible Quiz Master.

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How can I make my youth group Fun and engaging?

Have the room set up so that you have chairs in groupings of two, facing each other. Have enough chairs for all the youth to sit in. Divide your youth group into sets of two and put tape on the index cards, and tape it to their foreheads. They cannot see what’s on their card but can see what’s on the card every person in front of them.

How do I host a youth group?

Hosting a youth group can be tricky, especially if you’re new to it, but arming yourself with assorted indoor youth group games before you begin can really help out. After all, if you can make the games as fun as possible, it’ll encourage the kids to want to come back next week for more fun with their fellow group members.

What are the best indoor youth group activities for kids?

Well, dart games are one of the most popular indoor youth group activities, and they can turn your room into a mini recreation center. These dartboards are compact, and you can easily mount them wherever you want, whether it is the wall, window, or door.

Can you play indoor youth group games when it’s raining?

This list of indoor youth group games is great for when it’s raining, too cold outside, or even when it’s too hot! Instead of scratching your head when the weather throws off your plans, the below list has you covered and has links for each game description. In addition, all of our games are little or no prep and can be played with small groups.

What are the best indoor youth group games for kids?

Another top indoor youth group game in this list is carpet ride, and many youths love this game. You will need some small mats or rugs and a big room where you can organize this game. Mark a start point from where all the players will start the game and then an ending point.

What is indoor games with examples?

If we talk about Indoor games, these games refer to games that we can play under the house’s roof with so many people. For example, Ludo, Carrom, Puzzle, Card games, Chess, Table tennis, and board games. Play is a part of education and important for our life.

Why did the band fun break up?

Members Jack Antonoff, Andrew Dost, and Nate Ruess have all taken different paths after working together. In early 2015, the band announced their interest in moving on to different projects. While their days making music together may be long over, none of them have been quiet.

Who originally made girls just want to have fun?

Robert Hazard

Girls Just Want To Have Fun / Composer

Who has the Funniest YouTube videos?

Jake Paul, who covers all the bases when it comes to social media, is also known to have some of the funniest YouTube videos on the internet. Whether they are staged or real events in his videos, Jake makes sure to keep his audience entertained.

What makes a good YouTube challenge video?

Challenge videos are great in that they can be fun to do, but you can also latch onto current trends and attract new viewers to your YouTube channel. Like everything on this list though, you want to try and take a niche approach to it. This means making a “challenge” video but making it still relevant to your existing content.

What are the most popular YouTube video ideas?

#1: Do an Introduction.

#2: Create Opinion Videos.

#3: Review a Product.

#4: Interview Someone.

#5: Respond to Someone’s Opinion Video.

#6: Give Tutorials.

#7: Have a Q&A Session.

#8: Review a Book.

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What are some creative and informational YouTube video ideas?

Lists are another creative and informational YouTube video idea. Lists are simple, popular, and usually attract attention due to containing quantities. These can be lists of tips, lists of books, articles, or inspiring behaviors. You decide. To record this kind of video, start with a short introduction about why you chose that subject.

What are some fun things to do on YouTube?

This kind of YouTube videos are both informative and fun. Playing a musical instrument – Show off your skills of playing different musical instruments by recording and uploading the video to your YouTube channel. There are many options from piano and guitar to trumpet and bongo drums.

How do I find good YouTube video ideas?

Here are some of the paths I follow to find inspiration for YouTube video ideas:


YouTube search. Often, coming up with YouTube video ideas is about solving problems and dealing with pain points. …


2. Comments section. …


Communities and groups. …


Polls or surveys. …


Courses and other how-to content.

What are some good YouTube ideas for beginners?

These YouTube ideas fit everyone’s needs. 1. Create A Personal Introduction Video 2. Talk About Childhood 3. Show Around Your City 4. Talk About Process you Know Very Well 5. Random Personal Facts Video 6. Introduce Your Pets 7. Create a High-Quality Intro Video 8. Talk About What Inspires You 9. Personal Space Tour 10. What Does it Take to Be You?

What are some unique YouTube channel ideas?

YouTube Channel Ideas

Comedy Sketches.

Web Series.


Album Reviews.


Software Tutorials.


Video Editing.

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Which topic is best for YouTube channel girls?

Part 1.

1) Makeup Collection. Makeup is the most important and popular subject among girls. …

2) Dresses Collection. …

3) Cooking. …

4) Painting. …

5) Life Hacks. …

6) Makeup Tutorial. …

7) Vlogging. …

8) Skin Care.

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What are some food related video ideas for girls?

Another food related video idea for girls is to tell them what is on your menu for breakfast for an entire week, and show them how to make healthy and delicious breakfast recipes. 22. DIY Smoothies