Can I Follow 13Fishing On Instagram?

Can I Follow 13Fishing On Instagram?

Can I Follow 13Fishing On Instagram?

Follow @13fishing on Instagram for the most recent updates from us! Be part of the dialog #13fishingeurope
Follow @13fishing on Instagram for the latest updates from us! Be a part of the conversation #13fishingeurope

Who is sponsored by 13 Fishing?

In a big week for 13 Fishing, the Florida company has partnered with the Major Fishing League (MLF) and signed twice Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle. 13 Fishing can be featuring sponsor of the 2021 season-beginning Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit at Lake Okeechobee next month.

What makes the 13 fishing origin R1 casting reel so special?

The newest addition to the functionality and cost-driven Origin Series, the 13 Fishing Origin R1 Casting Reel utilizes a number of signature technologies at an unbeatable price. Equipped with 13 Fishing’s sophisticated Arrowhead line guide system, this casting reel promotes accurate, long-distance casting through seamless line management.

Is 13 Fishing owned by Rapala?

In July 2019 Rapala bought 49% of DQC International Corp – owner of 13 Fishing – and concluded a world licence and distribution agreement, except the US.

Is concept Z reel worth it?

Personally, I am not impressed with the casting distance of Concept Z. Don’t get me wrong, this reel plays well for me, but if casting distance is the main performance features for reel vs reel assessment, It doesn’t shine above my other reel upgraded with Abec 5 ceramic bearings.

What makes 1313 fishing reels so good?

13 Fishing Reels are known for his or her cast-potential and the proprietary Arrowhead Line Guide system is a giant factor. Built with a unique shape, the Arrowhead line guide reduces friction as the line drops on the spool allowing the road to feed out faster.

What is the difference between concept 13 white and Z?

This was my 6th Concept 13 reel, and the 1st time I have tried the "Z". At first glance the "Z" is a little more compact than the White, my other five reels. It also is distinction ligher at a diminutive 6. 4 oz.

What is the 13 fishing concept Z reel?

The 13 Fishing Concept Z is a reel that was designed from the ground up in particular for inshore fishing. You know the sort of fishing you try this contains every little thing from wading to kayaking to splashing around to your bay boat where your reels are going to get wet from spray and sadly the occasional dunk.

Why choose 13 fishing concept Z slide casting reels?

Offered in a range of gear ratios, the 13 Fishing Concept Z SLIDE Casting Reels is at the leading edge of innovative design to give anglers unheard of pleasant and performance. 4 Model Options Sign up for 13 Fishing news and updates.

What kind of braking system does the 13 fishing concept Z have?

The 13 Fishing Concept Z is made with a 6-Way Centrifugal Braking system that’s specially designed to permit you to adjust your braking force it really is utilized to the spool and prevent backlashes.

What is a concept Z reel?

The first ever high-functionality casting reel manufactured with zero ball bearings. With casts that defy gravity and every little thing else, the Concept Z utilizes American made CZB (Concept Zero Bearing) polymer technology to carry shocking effects. This reel cast lures significantly farther than reels with classic ball bearings.

What are the gearing options for the 13 fishing inception?

The 13 Fishing Inception is accessible in two gearing alternatives: a 6.6:1 for slower more controlled retrieves and a much better speed 8.1:1 for buying that faster action when needed. Both gearing alternatives can be found in either a left or right-hand retrieve model.

What is the iCast 13 fishing inception?

The 13 Fishing Inception was released at ICAST in 2015 as an addition to their lineup of low profile baitcasting reels.

Is the inception low profile baitcasting reel from 13 fishing worth it?

So while the Inception low-profile baitcasting reel from 13 Fishing is the economical reel that 13 Fishing offers, you could see that it remains to be packed crammed with quality points and is designed to carry high performance with out breaking the bank. Very long lasting body and side plates suitable for both fresh and saltwater

Where can I get fishing tackle in Houston TX?

Fishing Tackle Unlimited 12800 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77034 Phone 281-481-6838, 888-943-1861 Fishing Tackle Unlimited 10303 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024 Phone 713-827-7762 Fishing Tackle Unlimited 13831 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77478 Phone 281-201-2141.

What is the difference between an authorized retailer and 13 fishing?

*An Authorized Retailer will own a brick and mortar storefront place. 13 Fishing won’t warranty product bought via online public sale or market sites (i.e. e-bay etc) due to untraceable nature of the transaction. Our Service Centers are happy to carry out asked non-guaranty provider.

What is the warranty on your reels?

We warrant that our reels may be free from defects in fabric or workmanship throughout the time of 12 months from the date of purchase. Abuse, mistaken use, dirt, rust or normal scratching or wear marks usually are not coated under this guaranty policy.

Why choose 13 fishing?

Fishing is greater than a hobby to the crew at 13 Fishing, it’s a way of life. That is why they have built a company constituted of passionate and skilled anglers, a difference pondered in every product they produce.

Why choose 1313 fishing reels?

13 Fishing Reels bring the best in quality and innovation. 13 Fishing is a fishing tackle agency that focus on fishing’s most important precept: the angler. Fishing is greater than a hobby to the crew at 13 Fishing, it’s a way of life.

How many ounces in a fishing reel?

The reel only tips the scales at just 6.4 ounces, that’s considerably lighter than ever the main well-made and intricately-designed top class light-weight models. This reel can be used with a good selection of lures as it is smooth enough to crank spinnerbaits.