Is your day jogging you? How to own your agenda

Is your day jogging you? How to own your agenda

When you lose regulate of your calendar, you can discover yourself without adequate time to hold appointments, have compatibility in new clients, invest in your own fitness and be with your circle of relatives.

If you’re feeling crushed via your calendar, those making plans hacks will aid you prioritize and make the best use of your time.
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Minutes are a true estate agent’s most crucial currency, and there’s a sweet spot among making plans too a good deal and no longer making plans adequate.

When you lose control of your calendar, you can discover yourself without sufficient time to hold appointments, have compatibility in new clients, invest in your own fitness and be with your family. 
If you’re feeling crushed by your calendar, these planning hacks from Jeff Thibodeau, former team leader and Realtor and current consultant and investor at HBTN Investments, will help you prioritize your events and make the best use of your time.

Plan your week
Many individuals never plan their week or they plan both day as they stream thru it. Failing to plan your occasions is a recipe for disaster.
Instead, plan for the upcoming week beforehand the end of the present week. Make it a point to recognize by way of Friday what you’ll be doing both day of the upcoming week. 
You could also benefit from a calendar meeting with the other people in your lifestyles so you can coordinate circle of relatives commitments, private priorities, and other demands on your time. Including the americans who count on you to be around, in particular external of paintings, is going a long manner in keeping those relationships in a very effective space. Any precise estate agent who is married or has a large other will understand what I mean.

Schedule the matters you need to do
The fun matters that you desire to do shouldn’t dominate your calendar, then again they also shouldn’t be completely overlooked, either. It’s a necessary part of real estate that we take appointments we don’t need to take and schedule meetings we don’t need to have. 
Add matters to your calendar that are meaningful to you for my part to make sure that you’re trying some point of balance among private and professional. 

Schedule the things that can’t be moved
It’s vital that you protect the non-negotiables in your life, like choosing up the children from school, going to your kid’s recital, or making it home for dinner with the americans you love. 
Schedule all the things in your calendar that cannot be moved so you can build your days around the ones priorities. 

Plan your appointments and lead generation events
Because these occasions are the key performance indicators for your industrial, you need to prioritize them to maintain yourself on track. You ought to realize the following numbers about your business: 
How many appointments you’re scheduling
How many appointments you’re going on
How many people you’re talking to
Fit in your lead generation activities and your appointments to make sure that they don’t get superseded by something else. And if you’re thinking that you don’t know whilst your appointments will be till a day or so earlier, add an appointment block to your calendar besides. 
Reserve several two-hour time blocks back-to-back to supply you time for these meetings. Even if your appointments don’t seem like two-hour meetings, time table them besides to enable for commute and other factors. These scheduled blocks will also stay away from your appointments from turning into three- or four-hour meetings and will give protection to you from a calendar that runs your day as a substitute of the other manner around.

Fill in the open areas
In the ultimate hours of your day, schedule admin tasks, telephone calls, contract writing, appointment prep and other occasions that have to be done. 

Don’t delete matters from your calendar
Sometimes industrial will require you to shift your occasions for a client or some other requirement. If you must exhibit a condo all over a time that become earmarked for prospecting, appearance at your calendar to visit if you can movement that prospecting work to another calendar block. It’s good enough if you can’t, nonetheless do your best to give protection to the ones money-generating events. 
Scheduling your days and your weeks will offer protection to you from the feeling of overwhelm that occurs whilst your calendar, and the demands from other americans, are dictating your day. Scheduling will help you identify a movements that will preserve you in keep watch over of your activity and your industrial, and ultimately in keep watch over of your success. 
Tom Toole is the founder and team leader at Tom Toole Sales Group. Connect with him on Facebook or LinkedIn.