How Do You Say We Had Fun In French?

How Do You Say We Had Fun In French?

How Do You Say We Had Fun In French?

To say We had fun the French would say Nous nous sommes amusés which literally means We amused ourselves. Funny has a different meaning. Funny (ha-ha) is translated as drôle , and funny (strange) is translated as bizarre.

Do the French have a word for fun?

Have fun! Amuse-toi bien !
6 Sept 2022

How do you say’fun’in French?

If you look up fun in the dictionary it’ll give you amusement, but there is no real French equivalent for the English word fun, which is an abstract noun, so the French often use the Franglais le fun. To say We had fun the French would say Nous nous sommes amusés which literally means We amused ourselves. Funny has a different meaning.

How do you say cool in French slang?

One such slang term is “chouette“, meaning cool. The French also say “cool” and its not uncommon to modify cool or chouette with a “hyper” or “super” to drive home the meaning.

Which is the best French translator?

10 Best French Translator Apps You Can Use On-the-Go

Google Translate.



Offline English/French Translator.





More items…

What is your name in Korean Google Translate?

What is your name? 이름이 뭐에요?

How do you say safety but have fun in French?

Ensure safety but have fun too. Veiller à la sécurité, mais avoir du plaisir aussi. She taught me to have fun. Elle m’a appris à m’ amuser dans ce que je faisais. First and foremost, we want to have fun. « Nous voulons tout d’abord nous amuser », assure-t-il.

What is Google traduction?

Ce service gratuit de Google traduit instantanément des mots, des expressions et des pages Web du français vers plus de 100 autres langues. Google Traduction .

What is your name in Turkish Google?

what is your name? Adınız nedir? What’s your name? Adın ne?

Is French Google Translate accurate?

The GNMT system has improved the translation of the two most used language pairs – Spanish-English and French-English. As a result, translation accuracy increased to 85%.

How do you say take a Dirty Picture in French?

French people are romantic and passionate, just like their language but they certainly aren’t vulgar as Google translate might think. The sentence ‘Take a dirty picture for me’ from English to French is translated as ‘Prendre une photo coquine pour moi.’

What is Français immersion Loisirs?

Français Immersion Loisirs. FIL is a French language immersion summer camp for teenagers in South of France. A language holiday with FIL is a real adventure: on horseback, in a sailing boat, tackling ropes above a canyon, wake boarding or on the beach, you’ll speak and learn French all day long.

Who is the host of the immersion tours in Burgundy?

Lapont French 10 day Immersion tours in Burgundy are hosted by Catherine Alapont, an acclaimed multi-linguist. She is a native French speaker and has a passion for the language as well as French culture.

Where does the French immersion adventure take place?

You’ll meet in lovely Lyon in the south of France before being transported to your new home – a 17th century chateau where your French Immersion adventure takes place. Whatever your skills, whether you’re a complete beginner, want to practice speaking French or need to brush up on your grammar, you’ll find there’s a class that’s just right for you.

What are the best French immersion schools in Canada?

BEST FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAMS IN CANADA École de français of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières École internationale de français of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières École de langues de l’Université Laval École Québec Monde Edu-inter French School Université Sainte-Anne

What is another word for have fun in French?

have fun. French Translation. s’amuser. More French words for have fun. rire verb. laugh, chortle, rib. rigoler verb.

What are some interesting facts about the French language?

There are many fun facts about French that everyone knows, such as their typical ‘r’ sound, nasal sounds, genders, or pronunciation, to name a few. But that’s not it!

What do you call fun?

amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, pleasant, celebration, distraction, enjoyment, joke, joy, laughter, pastime, pleasure, sport, absurdity, ball, blast, buffoonery, cheer, clowning.

How much do you know about French?

We’ve rounded up the 10 French language fun facts which show you how amazing French is. Let’s get started. French is one of the most spoken languages in the world. There are more than 220 million speakers all over the planet. On every continent in the world, there are countries where French is the official language.

How do you say amazing in French slang?

Fantastique (Amazing)
Fantastique is a perfect word for such a scenario. Nous avons visité des endroits très beaux.