How Do I Identify My Specialized Bike?

How Do I Identify My Specialized Bike?

How Do I Identify My Specialized Bike?

For bikes, the serial number is located on a sticker on the underside of your toptube and/or downtube as well as on the underside of your bike, underneath the bottom bracket. Specialized serial numbers typically start with the prefix “WSBC,” “WUD,” “STT,” or “STE.”

How much does a fact 10R weigh?

It takes things back to basics, with its round tubes and traditional frame shape, but integrates modern technologies to create a 6.1kg superbike that’s confident, nimble and down right fun to ride. It’s available as a range-topping S-Works model layered with FACT 12r carbon, or the slightly less expensive FACT 10r layup standard model.

What is the difference between s-works fact 12R and fact 9R?

The Tarmac Comp’s Fact 9r frame comprises a more modest carbon-fibre lay-up than the S-Works’ Fact 12r, although it still weighs less than a kilo; throw in a 300g fork for a decent overall weight of 8.33kg. However, the most significant design difference is the seat tube.

Is carbon fiber really worth it?

In theory, yes, but in application, it takes a mastery in a host of critical disciplines: design & engineering, material selection, the fabrication process, and testing. We’d say that the results are worth it, and if you’ve ever ridden any of our FACT carbon fiber, you probably agree.

What is C5 carbon?

The C5 is the lighter and more expensive version with high-grade carbon fibre and that astonishing 840g frame weight. The C3 is practically identical but uses a different grade of carbon fibre to bring the price down with a small increase in frame weight.

Why do bike manufacturers condense their road range to just tarmac?

Ultimately, condensing their road range (from venge + tarmac, to just a tarmac) is a good thing as it reduces costs for manufacturer and simplifies the product line for consumer, Even if it reduces the potential for multiple bike sales to individual consumers.

How much does a specialized tarmac sl7 pro weight?

7.8 KG SIZE 54
Bike is 500g heavier than declared(pro di2), extremely overpriced(canyon with powermeter for 4600euros), and is not faster than sl6 on feel, on the flats acceleration is better though, but then again its so heavy that it doesn’t make the benefit.

What is the difference between the fact 10R and the s-works?

The Fact 10R frames weigh in at a still-very-respectable claimed 699g (Satin Carbon/Flake Silver colourway), just 114g heavier than the S-Works model. Other than the material and mechanical cable routing compatibility, the Fact 10R frames share the same geometry and features.

What is FACT carbon 12r?

It uses the highest grade carbon in the S-Works, which it calls FACT 12r. FACT, in case you’re wondering, is short for Functional Advanced Composite Technology and is the process the US company uses to develop its carbon frames.
Jun 27, 2018

What’s the difference between a 10R and 12R frame?

There are differences beneath the surface, but the 10r frames are exactly the same shape as the 12r ones It’s probably best not to get hung up on the numbers themselves as they’re purely arbitrary.

What does fact stand for?

FACT, short for Functional Advanced Composite Technology, embodies our approach to carbon composites. It’s a comprehensive engineering process that guides the development of frames and components, all the way from initial sketches to finished products. FACT represents our holistic approach to working with carbon composites.

What’s the difference between specialized Aethos and specialized fact 10R?

As the Aethos’ design is primarily based on the optimisation of tube shapes, Specialized claims the ride quality and handling is unaffected by using the Fact 10R carbon. The Fact 10R frames weigh in at a still-very-respectable claimed 699g (Satin Carbon/Flake Silver colourway), just 114g heavier than the S-Works model.

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